Tuesday, March 9, 2010

First Post

Hey all!

This is gonna be a blog basically about my gaming interests, it's the first blog I've ever done gaming or real life so bear with me if you're interested and you're reading this or the first few posts following it.

The games are as follows:

World of Warcraft

In the game right now I'm mainly focusing on two characters, my Prot Pally and my Affliction Warlock, I have a few other characters but they're either not 80 or just on the shelf atm. I'm also mad for levelling professions in the game, and my goal is to be able to be fully self sufficient in terms of gems, glyphs, flasks, etc etc.

Starcraft II

I haven't played this a lot, I don't actually have a Beta key but one of my friends does so I get to play it on his laptop a fair amount. I only played the first game very casually, but with the second game turning into an even greater piece of tactical work I'll definitely be getting a battle net account when it comes out and trying to up my rank, or however it works, against real people.

Rock Band 2

A bit of a side-step from the other 2 games, I have the XBox version of this game, and my main instrument is the drums, although I can also play the guitar fairly well. (Vocals are anyone's opinion.) It's interesting because Rock Band 2 is one of those games where it's possible to learn at least the basics of the instrument and possibly some more advanced stuff, and then go on to learn the rest of it with a real instrument. But more later in another posting. :D I'll also try and get some basic guides for songs and techniques and stuff, as I haven't seen many online for playing the drums.

I play a bunch of other games as well, but none so much as those 3. Anyways I'll see if I can get another post out soon, not sure about topic yet but we'll see. :D